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Support Coordination Level 2


60 minutes

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Support Coordination, Level 2

Support coordination can assist with connection to supports and services, implementing and monitoring your plan, supporting you through your journey with the NDIS and your wider community.

We specialise in submissions and navigating the NDIS whilst working with you and your support circle to achieve your goals. Looking through the diverse lens of social sciences we want to know what is working for you, what's not, learning how we can empower you to live the life you want. Conflict resolution, holding everyone accountable and standing up for your rights is our jam.

We charge by the hour but we're not time watchers. If you've been disappointed in the past you will notice the difference straight away. For those just getting started with the NDIS we will make sure you experience the best service providers have to offer, providing valuable information on what is available and what you should expect from service providers and what other supports and services are available.

Your NDIS Experts was started after many years of personal experience and is backed by the highest service standards and knowledge that no amount of money could ever buy. We've got you, because we get you.

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