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Other Supports and Services


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'Other Supports'

This is a diverse section by design.

We know everyone's plan is unique and you need to make your NDIS budget go as far as you can. Your NDIS Experts can work with you to squeeze every drop out of your funding.

Under other supports we can assist you with daily living supports, including support workers and cleaners, we can facilitate respite and other services they you may require as a once off or ongoing basis. Our client centric approach means we will work with you to find supports and services that work for you. Where possible we will endeavour to find supports and services at costs below the NDIS support catalogue looking into a variety of avenues that might be right for you.

Talk with us today about your needs.

* If you are a client using our other services we will make sure that we conduct a risk assessment on any potential conflict-of-interest.

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